Copy trading on Bitget: How to set it up correctly?

It has plenty of excellent features to offer, so in making your trading decisions, you can really consider joining the platform. The critical advantage of Quanto is that it can keep your coin-to-coin conversion expenses while also letting you collect gains from the higher price of the coin-margined futures. This functionality enables users to utilize various crypto assets as collateral and then undertake margin trading with multiple trading pairs. Bitget focuses on trading, mainly on futures trading and spot trading.
Copy Trading is divided into two broad categories, that is, follower and trader. Whether you’re a novice looking to confidently navigate the crypto market or an experienced trader seeking to optimize your portfolio, Bitget’s Copy Trade offers a seamless and rewarding experience. Users can choose their preferred trader to follow based on their P&L, trader ranking, and portfolio. Some traders have a return on investment (ROI) that exceeds 10,000%. However, while crypto trading offers lucrative opportunities, it also demands extensive research, practice, and a deep understanding of the markets. When the floating loss of your copying position exceeds the available futures assets, it will be automatically closed.
In case you go with the P2P market to buy or sell, you have to pay the merchants a commission. Bitget is a Singapore crypto exchange and trading platform launched in 2018. You can trade on the crypto spot market, futures market, copy trading, and P2P trading. Bitget spot copy trading allows you to follow multiple spot traders simultaneously. It’s easy to start by clicking on the copy trade tab and choosing “Spot.” After that, select your preferred traders (ideally those who trade low-risk and have consistent, long-term results).
Much like you would copy forex positions, users can mirror trades on crypto only pairs plus crypto and fiat currency pairs. MT4 has been set up so you can mirror the trades and automatically copy the strategies of successful traders. Select the Signals tab from within the platform for access to over 3,200 free and paid signals from top forex providers. Crypto events calendar are ranked in order of results, so it’s quick and easy to choose a provider and select your parameters. Traders can explore different markets and hundreds of pairs, and Bitget provides accurate charts and every detail that users need in order to trade efficiently.
Bitget also has some impressive partnerships that aid in the security of the platform, which we will cover in the Bitget security section. Participants must be Bitget users who have completed the individual KYC criteria. Bitget announced in September 2021 that it would become the official esports cryptocurrency partner of PGL Major. It also stated that it would sponsor the illustrious football side Juventus as its first-ever sleeve partner.
The fact that traders needed to execute all trades manually created a large barrier to entry for traders who wanted to use these services. If you wanted to copy another trader, you needed to monitor the trades shared actively and manually perform the transactions. One of the benefits of copy trading is that you leave the heavy lifting and analysing of the financial markets to others.
In addition to copy trading, spot and futures trading, it provides a full set of quantitative trading tools. It also has intuitive trading tools and support for over  70+ trading pairs for margined futures accounts. You should follow a trader that trades using a risk profile that you feel comfortable with. You can increase your risk exposure later on, but if you choose a high-risk strategy and lose money, it will be too late to move that money to a lower-risk option since the money is already lost. Other features, like copy trading, strategic trading, the advanced trading interface, and BGB Earn are also available on the app.