Fundraising Silent Auctions: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Easy

At a silent auction, each item has its own specific bid sheet where guests can place their bids. At silent auction websites , most guests have their own clipboard with the bid sheets attached. There, they can write down the highest amount they would be willing to pay for each item they are interested in.
Compare the best nonprofit auction software by features, pricing, pros, cons, and more. Set your organization up for what could be your biggest day in fundraising all year. Execute a successful giving day with these helpful tips and best practices.
Nonprofits of all sizes look to the silent auction to fuel their fundraising and fund a portion of their missions. Like any event, running a silent auction is a hefty undertaking. Here are some of the basics organizations should consider when planning and running a silent auction. Online silent auctions go well with golf tournaments, thanks to their relaxed atmosphere and opportunity for sponsorship. Bid Beacon sends you detailed analytics throughout your silent auction and lets you track each item and their bids directly from your preferred device.
Seating arrangements and meal choices, donor acknowledgement and guest checkout — it can get stressful. ReadySetAuction has served auctions with several hundred guests and donors, several thousand donations and auction items. At that scale professional auction management software isn’t just a relief, it’s a necessity.
We use cycling as a catalyst to teach kids to give back to our communities and support charities and entities we care about. To date, Team Booger has donated over $60,000 to charities through fundraising and donations. She specializes in profiles, photojournalism, history and reviews; plus, subjects requiring research.
Many nonprofit organizations and charities host silent auctions in order to fund their critical work. These events are usually significant fundraisers that these organizations rely on to continue carrying out their missions. It may tempt you to collect and auction off as many items as you can. An overabundance of auction items can spread out bids too thinly and reduce the competition for top items that end up driving prices through the roof.