Raffle Basket Ideas: 20 Ideas for Every Event

This fundraiser has a low minimum order size of only 50 items, so practically any group can take advantage of this idea. One of the most traditional fundraising ideas we have is The ABC Fundraising® Lollipop Fundraiser, which will earn you a 50% profit for your cause. With the ABC Fundraising® Papa John’s Pizza Card Fundraiser, you can earn up to 80% profit.
Calculate how much money you need to cover all the costs (décor, food, DJ), and how much you want to make on top of it – and use this to price your tickets. The critical components of a successful social media post are content and timing. You can augment them with a photo or video showing your team playing in a game or practicing in anticipation of an upcoming championship. Whether we’re checking our smartphones during the day or on our computers at home and work, we’re increasingly spending more and more of our time online. Giving fundraising schools has become extremely popular due to its convenience.
These brochures can help you to raise money for your school sports team, band, library, orchestra, cheer, dance & gymnastics team. ABC Fundraising® has partnered with Auntie Anne’s® to bring you one of the most popular basketball team fundraisers available today. You may also be interested in hosting a virtual fundraiser to engage your supporters online.
Here, you can organize a month-long read-a-Thon where you ask students to finish as many books as possible. This company will handle the bulk of the work and give you a unique web store where supporters can make purchases. You can engage with a specialized product fundraising company to streamline the planning and implementation of this kind of campaign. Since every accessory you buy bearing the Being Human brand donates money to the Being Human Foundation, this typically calls for a marketing strategy. For most institutions, having a well-thought-out and well-implemented fundraising strategy can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving.
Find out how simple it can be to earn the cash you need for school and art supplies and see for yourself. You will find our JROTC school fundraiser advice both simple and easy to apply. Learn more about how your FBLA group can qualify to earn up to 52% on every sale they make during this school fundraising campaign. Many school bands around the country have enjoyed success with our easy fundraising brochures. Teens, tweens, and young children love to get crafty — you’ve just got to come up with the right project.
Are you looking for some easy student council fundraising ideas for your school? Whether you are looking for a student council fundraiser for your high school, middle school or elementary school, we want to help. Our top fundraising ideas for student government association are both fun and profitable. Help your teachers, students, and their family members show off their school spirit by selling merchandise to raise money!
The Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser from ABC Fundraising® is a fast and easy way to raise money for your Choir. World’s Finest® Chocolate is known for high profit margins and fast, 2-3 week fundraisers. We grow our own cocoa beans, and are proud to offer made-in-the-USA chocolate bars you can’t find in any retail store.
The biggest challenge of hosting an auction for school fundraising is making sure the items or experiences you’re auctioning are enticing enough to get significant bids. If you’re hosting a live event, you’ll need lots of resources to both plan and host the event, including finding an auctioneer. Finally, if any part of your auction will occur online, you’ll need to choose the right software and carefully check all technical equipment to make sure the event runs smoothly.