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Vietnam’s Red Cross estimates that herbicides cut short the lives or disabled up to 3 million adults and children. And the impact apparently continues with a third generation. Five months after the Ford Foundation made Bailey its man in Hanoi in 1997, he went to the central highlands, the locus of heavy fighting during the war. Coming upon a huge pine-tree plantation in a valley, it dawned on him, as an agricultural economist, that the pines had been planted where an entire jungle had once stood.
The duty free is extremely expensive (more expensive than UK high street prices!) and the staff in the shops are surly and downright dishonest. All prices are in US$ and while there may be posters saying dong to $1 the staff bump it up to to in the hope you won’t notice. Question this and some shops relent and revert back to the official exchange rate others won’t and it’s time to walk away. Hanoi airport shop staff – out to rip off tourists even more than market stall holders. Get your dong changed before heading to the airport and buy any bottles of water or snacks on the plane. It might be expensive but chances are it will be no more expensive than the airport and on the plane you might be served honestly and with a smile.
The Soviet Union’s Council of Ministers approved sending 2,500 army instructors to North Vietnam, to train North Vietnamese troops on how to use surface-to-air missiles against American airplanes. 26 JuneGeneral Westmoreland was granted authority by the Department of Defense “to commit U.S. ground forces anywhere in the country when, in his judgement, they were needed to strengthen South Vietnamese forces.” 17 JuneCommander Louis Page and Lieutenant John Smith, of VF-21 operating from the USSMidway, scored the first U.S. Navy air kill of the war, shooting down a VPAF MiG-17 while flying an F-4B Phantom.
While diverting children away from the criminal justice system is an appropriate goal, dealing with children in conflict with the law by way of administrative measures does not deprive them of or in any way diminish their rights. At the provincial and municipal level, the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs and local People’s Committees are responsible for care and protection of street children. This includes establishment and administration of Social Protection Centers. The Prime Minister met with President Bush on Tuesday, June 21 in the White House. The two leaders talked about Vietnam’s desire to join the World Trade Organization, business issues, human rights and signed an agreement that Bush said would make it easier for people to worship freely in Vietnam. But do you know that many people travel to Hanoi not only for tourism?
It was the hatred of the Colonial French that created the backlash for freedom against the so called “imperial” influences and what the museum calls the “War of Unification”. Surprisingly, the museum presentation was very respectful to the Americans. Most references were to the “good care” the captured pilots received, showing photos of sporting contests. There was a section dealing with Senator McCain’s rescue by the VC; not the other treatment we know he suffered. We thought the museum was respectful, even if not 100% accurate. Wehave heard that the southern Ho Chi Mingh City museums are far more critical of the USA.
Overall it does the job and is relatively clean and has good views of the runway from the upper level. Arrival process slowed down by additional health screening declaration form to be filled in at present due to the swine flu crisis. Once through this passports handled fairly quickly and luggage reclaim likewise. Departure process saw long queues for check in for Vietnam Airlines flights but handled quickly and efficiently. Fairly modern terminal with a good range of shops and food outlets.
The first national lottery was “born” in Hanoi in 1962. Started from a scanty number of players then, nowadays a couple of million people take part in it each year. Travelling by bus, especially sleeper bus, is a unique way to get from Sapa to Hanoi. As you go north on this journey, make sure to bring warm clothes during the winter as Vietnam’s climate changes.
The most impressive site was the Hoa Lo Prison aka “Hanoi Hilton”. It is now a museum and has been reduced to about 10% of its original size built by the French Colonialists. Most of the displays and derisions are about the cruelty of the French government verses the bravery of the political prisoners who survived torture and those that escaped to become freedom fighters and leaders.
It also made her a lifelong tool for political fundraising by conservatives — even years later after becoming a video workout maven and the wife of media mogul Ted Turner. In a plea to bolster his own campaign finances, the Vista Republican reminded potential donors of Fonda’s trip to North Vietnam 45 years ago, where she was famously photographed sitting behind an enemy anti-aircraft gun. 61 percent of the men killed were 21 years old or younger.
And Vietnam reach copyright protection agreement, a step toward Most Favored Nation status. July 11, 1995President Clinton announces normalization of relations with Vietnam, saying the time has come to move forward and bind up the wounds from the war. October 5, 1994House passes bill saying MIA accounting should remain central to U.S. policy in Vietnam and the main function of a U.S. liaison office in Vietnam. July 2, 1993 President Bill Clinton ends U.S. opposition to settlement of Vietnam’s $140 million arrears to the International Monetary Fund, clearing the way for the resumption of international lending to Vietnam. October, 1992Retired General John Vessey, U.S. presidential envoy on MIA issue, makes sixth trip to Hanoi, obtains Vietnamese agreement on wider MIA cooperation, which Washington describes as a breakthrough. Secretary of State James Baker says Washington is ready to take steps towards normalizing relations with Hanoi.
Vietlott VSMB recommended a place where we got a shitty panini. Soon enough we were questioning the whole amazing Vietnamese food thing. Huge cities are just not our thing, though I’m sure there’s plenty to see there.
In June 1967 the surviving aircraft were transferred to the RVNAF to form their first jet squadron, the 522nd Fighter Squadron. 30 September – 1 OctoberGeneral Suharto seized power in Indonesia ostensibly in response to an attempted coup by the Communist Party of Indonesia. An anti-communist purge followed and Suharto consolidated power with U.S. support and so “stabilising” the Indonesian “domino”. Army Captain Humbert Roque “Rocky” Versace, 28, and U.S. Army Master Sergeant Kenneth M. Roraback, 33, were executed by the VC. According to a broadcast by Radio Hanoi, the two men, both of whom had been held prisoner since 1963, were killed in reprisal for the execution of three VC in Da Nang on the 23rd.